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Praise God! How exciting it is to have an opportunity to help you to understand the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This is something that I literally teach over the process of about 30 hours in my Holy Spirit Academy, but I do want to give you an overview here of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we see there are nine gifts as we look at First Corinthians chapter 12 where Paul says in verse number one, “I don’t want you to be ignorant of things that are spiritual or spiritual gifts.” When we look at the gifts of the Holy Spirit, there are nine gifts. These nine gifts are separated into three different categories.

One category is power gifts. That’s where we have the workings of miracles, the gifts of healings and the gift of faith. I’m going to come back on these here in just a moment. We have revelation gifts. Revelation gifts we have a word of wisdom, word of knowledge and discerning of spirits. Then we have what’s called the utterance gifts and the utterance gifts we have tongues, interpretation of tongues and prophecy. Three different categories, three gifts in each category.

What’s so different about the gifts of the Holy Spirit is we’re talking about the ability of God. God’s ability to work through us as believers and when we talk about the Fruit of the Spirit, we’re talking about the nature and the character of God. When you get born again then you have the opportunity as a believer to walk in the Spirit and demonstrate the nature and the character of God and that is true for all believers.

In the operation of the gifts of The Spirit, here we’re talking about again the ability of God. In the Bible we see something very interesting about the life of Jesus. One reason I like to talk or teach about the gifts of the Holy Spirit is this is how we’re going to walk in the supernatural. This is how we’re going to operate literally to do what Jesus did and even greater. In John 14 verse 12, Jesus said, “As a believer we’re going to do what he did and even greater.” One of the questions we need to ask, how did Jesus do what Jesus did? We cover that in another lesson and I want to encourage you, again, to consider the Holy Spirit Academy. In there we have over 30 hours of teaching or look at our supernatural discipleship program, phenomenal teaching and how to walk in the supernatural, but one of the questions I like to help people understand is Jesus did the miracles that he did not because he was God, but rather because he was a man anointed by God and in Luke chapter three, we see where Jesus goes down to the river Jordan and there at the river Jordan, he gets baptized in the Holy Ghost, but he also gets baptized in the water.


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Here we see this in Luke chapter three, that says in verse number 21, “Now when all the people were baptized it came to pass that Jesus also being baptized and praying, the heaven was opened and the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a dove unto Him and a voice came from heaven which said, ‘Thou art my beloved son. In thee I am well pleased’ and Jesus himself began to be about 30 years of age being as it was supposed the son of Joseph which was the son of Eli” and it goes on for the next number of verses all the way to the end of the chapter and at the end of the chapter we finish with the genealogy and then we move right into chapter four. Chapter four verse one starts with this, “And Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness.” It was right here at the age of 30 that Jesus was baptized with the Holy Ghost. This is when the miracle ministry started and literally for you and I the miracle ministry starts. The gifts of the Spirit come into play, the operation if you will, when we get baptized with the Holy Ghost.

When you get saved literally you have the nature and character of God, but then when you get baptized with the Holy Ghost is when the signs, the wonders and miracles are going to start in your life the same as it started in Jesus’ life and this is where we see the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Just touching on it very quickly, we see, again, three different categories of gifts. We see power gifts, revelation gifts and utterance gifts.

In the power category, you have workings of miracles, you have gifts of healing and its plural and then you have the gift of faith. The gift of faith is going to allow you to operate at a greater level of faith than your ordinary faith or saving faith or faith that comes from hearing the word of God. Workings of miracles is going to allow you to believe for the supernatural, an operation of God over and above what we would understand as an ordinary course of events and then you have gifts of healings and, again, it’s plural because there’s many, many different gifts.

Let’s say as an example you came upon an accident scene and the person has died from the car accident. Number one, you’re probably going to need a gift of faith to believe to raise that person from the dead. Number two, you’re going to need the workings of miracles to bring their spirit man back into their body and then you’re going to need the gifts of healings to heal whatever the accident did as far as the damage. The point is all the gifts work together.


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We don’t have time to go into great depth here, but in the revelation gifts, word of wisdom, word of knowledge and discerning of spirits. Literally God gives you information you didn’t know from his ability, from his knowledge and when you have a word of knowledge it doesn’t mean you’re smart. No, it means simply he gave you information you didn’t know. Knowledge usually relates to the past or the present where wisdom is going to oftentimes give you understanding or point to the future and discerning of spirit is the seeing into the unseen realm. The operations of the Devil, the operations of the Angels of God or even discerning into the realm of the human spirit.

We talk about utterance gifts, tongues, interpretation of tongues and prophecy. It’s a very confusing area for some because many people think the gift of tongues is what happens when somebody gets baptized with the Holy Ghost and they speak with another language, a heavenly language or prayer language as we call it, but that is not the gift of tongues. That is a different operation of the supernatural, but tongues is the opportunity as a gift for people to give a word. Sometimes it might be in a foreign language, but the person doesn’t know what they’re saying, but someone else does either by the Spirit where they have the operation of the interpretation of tongues or they might be speaking in a foreign language which is totally different than people’s ability to communicate with the heavenly language which is praying in tongues which all believers have when they get baptized in the Holy Ghost.

Then we have prophecy. Prophecy primarily isn’t being a prophet, but is according to the Word of God, for edification, exaltation and comfort.

I’ve used up all my time here. I hope this was a help to you and, again, we want to encourage you to study in this arena. God wants you to operate with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He wants you to do what Jesus did and even greater. It’s not hard and it’s not for anybody special other than being a believer baptized with the Holy Ghost. Let me encourage you again to check out My Holy Spirit Academy or even better, look at our supernatural discipleship program and learn how to walk in the supernatural naturally. God bless you!

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